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I created a facebook page to post all my pictures and things I have. Also, I will include my friends and other people’s interests.

The page is titled “Best wishes 4u”


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Ice Cream Facial Scrub



In Taiwan, one of the best thing is that  you can always make any trip to anywhere. You don’t always spend too much on trips because everywhere is so far . Sometimes, the trips to touristic areas are not so fun like mountains or scuba diving. But, the moment you spend with friends, family, co-workers are really priceless. As a woman, I never deny a little of vanity inside me. During a trip from work, we visited a popular factory of soaps. While most people purchased glycerin soaps, I chose these ones. I am allergic to glycerin. These are fantastic facial scrubs made of organic materials. They are made in Ice Cream cups. The factory offered so many flavors, whoops I mean fragances. I selected lemon and peach. I was wondering because I am allergic to many kind of make up products. But, these are excellent, and they are ideal for my skin. I liked them, and I definitely will get more if I come back to these place.

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Novelty 80’s erasers

People may ask why a grown lady like me still likes these little cuties. The reason I collect some of these items is not because I got Peter Pan Complex, or may I have? Anyway, they bring me special memories of my childhood when my mother would get me few of them when I had good grades at school. I record how I had to work hard to get these things.  Nowadays, kids only care about iphones. It is sad to know that my 80’s generation was the last happiest childhood. Currently, I am a teacher. I try my best to save 80’s childhood. I want my students to live what I lived. I want them to appreciate what I did. Fortunetely, I made it happen in some kids. I gave some of my erasers as teacher rewards for my students.  In the following day, some kids started getting new erasers for their collection.


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One of my favorite jewerly is earring. I may wear necklace, bracelets, and rings. But, I can’t live without earrings. I wear them since I was 7 years old. I remember the number of times I got allergies and infections on my ears. But, I never give up wearing them. They make me to feel prettier and increase my self-esteem. Today, I purchased two pairs. There were so many selections at the store.But, these two were my favorite ones.


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